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Dimitris the VapinGreek! Vaping Dawn to Dusk #029 #OVHQ



Dimitris the VapinGreek is our guest this week! We’ll get his vaping story and have a morning chat, and there’s plenty of time for your questions!

Dimitris’s Radio Project:
Also available on iTunes:
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Dimitris’s Law Suit Site:

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QP Design Kali RDA RSA & Alienated Coils!




The QP Design Kali RDA RSA is here! This thing is like a dual coil version of the little B2K, with a great kit that includes both white and polished ultem caps! Today, let’s take a look and build this thing, and we’ll have a little conversation with Dan from Alienated Coils!

Thanks to Alienated Coils!

Get the Kali RDA!

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Vandy Vape Pulse 24 BF RDA Unboxing




The Vandy Vape Pulse 24 BF RDA is here, and it sure ticks all the boxes for me: postless, lots of O-rings, squonk option. Let’s unbox it, put some Alienated Coils in there, and see what we think!

Get the Vandy Vape Pulse 24 at Vaporl!

Try Alienated Coils!

Join us on Discord Chat!

Join me @JUICY on Vaffle, the first App especially for vapers: the first App especially for vapers:

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7 things you missed about the Aspire Revvo Tank

Past all the glamour, there are  a few things that aren’t that obvious that you might have missed about the Aspire Revvo Tank.




Revvo Tank Closeup

You’ve seen the new Aspire Revvo tank, right? With it’s spring loaded top filling tube, huge top air flow, and the the all new horizontal disc coil they call the ARC, or Aspire Radial Coil?

It’s so surprising to see some innovation for a change these days, after what seemed like an endless stream of weak same-old vape products that came out of China in 2017.

But it figures that it’s Aspire that pulled it off. Here’s a little known fact: they’ve worked really hard in the last year to improve and expand their engineering department, and to expand their US Distribution facility in California, and it looks like that hard work is paying off.

So past all the glamour, there are  a few things that aren’t that obvious that you might have missed about this tank.

#1 – 810 drip tip

That cap on the Revvo Tank is pretty good. But sometimes you just need some more distance up there. Turns out that you can fit many friction-fit 810 drip tips in the top. Unfortunately, most of them don’t fit, and they sure stay in tight, but it works when it works!

Get the Aspire Revvo Tank at $22.71

#2 – You can change the cotton

It’s true, but why? These coils only cost about $1.75 each, and they’re not easy to burn out if they’re not dry, so it’s hardly worth the time. But if you’re the hard core do-it-yourself type, it just takes about ten minutes, and some gentle encouragement from some dental tools, and then Bob’s your uncle! Be aware that there’s a thin cotton pad between the cotton wicking and the chip coil that can’t be replaced.

#3 – You don’t have to hold it upside down

Well, not much. I know the instructions say that you should hold it upside down for two minutes when you change the coil and periodically, but read on and I think you’ll see that you really don’t have to move it that much, except when it’s at it’s absolute last drops.

Aspire Revvo ARC Replacement Coils at

The short tank is a key feature here, and another cornerstone of the RDTA design that the Revvo is based on. Speaking of that…

#4 – It’s an RDTA, but it isn’t.

Notice that the Revvo Tank looks a bit familiar? It’s technically a clearomizer – an atomizer that uses replaceable factory-made coils, but most physics principles that make the Revvo Tank work are based on last year’s favorite rebuildable tank design: the RDTA. That stands for Rebuildable Deck Tank Atomizer, and it refers to designs like the Avocado and the iJoy Limitless Plus.

The most common characteristics this design shares are, a tank on bottom, separated from the deck on top, extremely wet vape, and turbulence. The RDTA deck is based on the old Genesys decks, which had a similar juice flow system and a specific single coil deck configuration.

I’ll explain those unique physics principles that make the Revvo work in a minute, but it’s a big deal that Aspire has created a clearomizer like an RDTA that’s not rebuildable, a Deck Top Clearomizer — DTC — or a Disc Deck Tank — DDT — Disc Top Atomizer – DTA? I have no idea what we’ll be calling this in a month.

#5 – Condensation

One of the bedrock characteristics of the RDTA design that Aspire based the Revvo Tank on is that the chamber where the vape happens is really wet and turbulent. Every manufacturer has a method for dealing with this, some better than others, but Aspire has turned this weakness into an advantage here.

Just by the mere fact that the ARC Coil is a flat stovetop type design, much of the wetness and condensation that occurs inside the chamber can condense back onto the coil to keep it moist. Clever stuff.

Get the Aspire Revvo Tank at $22.71

#6 – Adhesion, you’ve never heard of it

Now this is going to get a little technical, but bear with me here.

There are a lot of chemistry and physics principles at work in vaping: air pressure, conduction, metallurgy, gravity, velocity, capillary action, condensation, evaporation obviously, and more.

But my favorite is adhesion, one of the least understood, and the principle reason the Revvo works so well. Adhesion, capillary action, and the other nifty properties of water are not at all magical or mysterious, but the way they work is electrochemical, so it requires a little explanation.

Adhesion is when something sticks to something else, and cohesion is when something sticks to itself. This concept is critical to the workings of vape atomizers, and it’s the principle operating difference between an RTA or RDA, and an RDTA.

Many factors affect this, but in this case, we care about materials.

Eliquid is made mostly of water. Water is made up of two Hydrogen atoms and one Oxygen atom. And water has a polarity. Meaning that each water molecule has a partially positive end and a partially negative end at the Hydrogens.

The result is that water has some special properties, including the fact that hydrogen molecules in the water like to reach out from their partially positive and negative ends and grab onto other water molecules doing the same.

This is called Cohesion. It’s when things like to stick to themselves. The water molecules love each other chemically, and the Hydrogen in the water likes to share hold hands in every direction.

But water likes to do different things when it touches different materials, like form little droplets, or slide right across, or even defy gravity and crawl up the sides of glass. Why is that?

Notice in any glass container, the sides of the eliquid in them are higher than the middle. The eliquid actually climbs up the sides of the glass for some reason.

This line is called a meniscus, and the reason eliquid climbs up the glass is that the molecules in glass also have a polarity – a much stronger one than water.

Glass is typically made up of a matrix of two oxygen atoms for every one silicon atom, and those oxygen atoms are partially negatively charged, while the silicon atoms are partial positives.

And when water touches glass, something happens. It turns out that because of these differences in electronegativity, water in the eliquid is much more attracted to the glass containing it, and water molecules stick to the glass.

This force is called Adhesion, it’s when things like to stick to other things, and it’s why RDTAs work. Combine adhesion with some basic kinetic force, say moving the tank while you vape, and you see now why most of the time, you really don’t have to turn the tank all the way upside down to make sure the cotton gets eliquid.

Cotton is your enemy with RDTAs, and the design of the revvo tank shows that the Aspire engineers understand how hard you’re putting on the brakes when you use cotton as anything except a way to stop the juice flooding the coil.

#7 The engineering is killer

It really is. After this whole cavalcade of details about the chemistry and physics of vaping, it’s a good time to step back and just marvel at what Aspire has done. Like it or not — and it has shortcomings, believe me — the Engineers over there have shown clearly that there are things they understand that many of the other manufacturers just don’t.

That’s it?

Hardly. First it’s time to review this tank. Maybe the coils don’t last, maybe it leaks, maybe it needs a revision. Who knows? I plan on absolutely putting it through the ringer and testing every claim in detail.

I hope you enjoyed this look at the little known features of the Aspire Revvo Tank. I hope you learned something about atomizers today, too. And even though I haven’t even begun writing about the other forces at work on our atomizers, I think the vape world got a little smarter today.

Get the Aspire Revvo Tank at $22.71

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