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Free Stinger for my Trovo #GAMEFAM

Hey y’all. I have been so overwhelmed by all the good vibes and helpful people over at Trovo and the Trovo Discord, I just wanted to give something back. Here’s a free transition for you to use to show your love and support for the #TROVOFAM.

This should be the first part of a series, I’ve put in a request for some of the original hi-res artwork, and hopefully if they send that along, I could make some more elaborate posters or maybe an little Trovo bug for our screens.

I did this live on stream tonight, and I especially want to shout out to all the folks helping me with this, hanging out in the stream, listening to my rants, and just being the most supportive and coolest peeps. That’s Way2Gimped, Scuffed, Serasly, Nethertales, mainmike, Postalpyro62, Danpei, Cowtopia_Prime, Mosh, wiped, LandPhil, MissLeeUnderground, amer_, & Guest217431, plus several more.

  • Click the Download button above, and locate the file on your hard drive after it finishes. It’ll be in the Downloads folder, probably.
  • In OBS, find the Scene Transitions window pane, and click the + (big plus symbol), to add a transition. Choose STINGER.
  • A box will come up asking for a name. Obviously you should use #JUICYJONESESAMAZINGTRANSITION but if that’s too long, whatever will do. Stinger is fine. Click O.K.
  • The next window is the Properties for “#JUICYJONESESAMAZINGTRANSITION” (or whatever you named it). Here, click the little BROWSE button on the right, next to the field labeled Video File.
  • Find the file, wherever you saved it, probably your downloads folder, click open.
  • Boom, welcome to the deluxe cool-transition-using Trovo #GAMEFAM!

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